Chroma is the solution to the technical debt of modern civilization on human health and wellness. Rather than eschew technology, Chroma embraces its necessity. As such, the Chroma strives to answer the following question: how can we most effectively solve the problem of system integration between humans and the modern environment?

  • Latest research with Tweet-style summaries

  • In-depth, readable blog posts + Youtube videos

  • Product R&D and launches

To be more specific, blog post / video topics include:

  • Primary biological effects of the built environment: light-based circadian disruption (1% during the day, 100x at night compared to normal); lack of thermal variation; lack of kinesthetic and sensory variation.

  • Secondary effects of the above: mental health, cognitive performance, physical performance, and chronic-disease risk.

  • Contextual evaluation of above: essays on technology and civilization to understand why we have failed to translate scientific knowledge into medical practice/institutions with high efficacy.

  • Technological solutions to above: we will write about approaches to solving these problems. Anywhere that the existing solutions are suboptimal, you can expect us to be building a better one. Any product we build will have a white paper written about it that you can find here.

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Latest Circadian & Photobiomodulation Research (Cognitive & Physical Effects)


Chroma is the solution to the technical debt of modernity on human health and wellness, without eschewing the value modern technology brings.