Going beyond 1st order effects of photons so you can get the best sleep

June 2022

The D-Light and Ironforge are back in stock in limited quantities (and everything else is in stock too). When we sell-out of those, make sure to…

January 2022

Nearly everything’s back! Sky Portals Carbonshade glasses Near-IR Flashlights Ironforge 2.0 (new version, limited supply) D-Light 2.0 (new version…

August 2021

Hello Friends, If you have been re-directed here from carbonshade.com or getchroma.co, it is because Shopify has been freezing our accounts and creating…

February 2021

It's even worse than you think, but things are also on the verge of becoming unimaginably better than you probably expect.

August 2020

Full body systemic benefits and high doses for localized effects.
sia la lux. Introducing several new products from Chroma, including the Sky Portal, D-LIGHT, and REDFORGE.

April 2020

Our Debut Youtube Video / Solo Podcast
Let's run the numbers...

February 2020

Announcing Chroma Night Specs. Get most of the benefits of dark red blue-blockers while seeing an order of magnitude more colors and have greater…

January 2020

Circadian Rhythms and Photobiomodulation
from the Fountain Portal